This book is so worth reading. The author’s life story is beautifully portrayed despite the horrific trauma she experienced as victim of a mass shooting. I simply could not put the book down. That she survived is a miracle. She tells a story that allows each of us insight into the power of positive thinking and the power to transform the lives of others. She offers hope where there is none. A must read!!!

Mouzetta Zumwalt, daughter of former CNO Elmer Zumwalt and the namesake of USS Zumwalt Class of Destroyers, DDG1000

After being shot and very seriously wounded, Jen showed with her incredible determination, grit and amazingly, humor that she is a true hero.

Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy, 2009-2017

What a precious gift you are to God’s message. You are his messenger and witness to the making of a Christian warrior!!

Pastor Doug Farmer

Books can change us and inspire us to greatness. Jennifer’s witness to being All In is an inspiration to me, and will be to you as well.

Mark Batterson, New York Times best selling author of The Circle Maker Lead Pastor of National Community Church

I have 30 years in law enforcement. Great presentation. Thank you.

Cathy Lagana

The most impressive thing about Jennifer’s story is how she faced the unexpected events and trials as if she had prepared her entire life for that moment. And that is the powerful message – if we allow God in our life and seek him, he may use us in ways we never imagined – not only to act courageously in the heat of the moment but to glorify him through that moment and for years to come.

Bryan Moser, Men’s Ministry Leader, Christina Fellowship Church

Awesome! So inspiring! Blessed to have crossed your path.

Harriett Slezak

Within these pages you will find stoicism, resilience, and love of her family and friends that are a large part of her Xena Warrior Spirit, her faith and her sense of humor.

Charlie Hamilton, Rear Admiral, US Navy, Retired

In times of crisis and adversity we get to see who people really are. Their character and values are revealed in how they respond. As a member of The Rooftop Gang, I witnessed this first hand. Jennifer’s incredible experience is a shining example of faith and perseverance.

Chip Zawislak

She confronted consummate Evil in a stairwell and fought back to survive.  Her existential moment was faced and overcome in the days, weeks, and years since facing death.  She, as are we all, the sum of our development, faith, observations, and life experience.  Jennifer was undoubtedly, better prepared than most to face her existential moment.  Her book records, and provides the reader the background to embrace life’s journey, and, if, events confront one they may also experience the path to overcome.

Colonel Ken Walters, USMC (Ret)

Jennifer Bennett owns her destiny and duty to convey the message regarding mental health and resiliency. Understanding her faith and humanity; actually ‘seeing’ the person; and owning her part in this global discussion has made her a true survivor and a force to be reckoned with. Having Jen in our lives is an amazing gift and blessing.

Robert MacLean

Jennifer is a very strong, resolute and determined woman. That indomitable strength comes from a deep faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ. Wonderful presentation.

Andy Wilson

Very interesting story. I appreciate your great faith and willingness to share your inspirational story.

April Heddleston

You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing your journey with us at Writers Project Runway.

Hilary Hauck, President, Pennwriters Inc