March, 2020

24th                  Stonehill College Lunch Talk

                        Standing Still In A Culture of Mass Shootings Discussion/Story of a Survivor

January, 2020

16th                  Women’s Club of Reston

                        The Story of the Navy Yard Shooter Survivor – and Faith/Resiliency

November, 2019

16th                  Barnes & Noble, Springfield, VA Book Signing: 2-7PM

12th                  Marymount College, Sigma Theta Tau Induction of New Nursing Students

                        The Navy Yard Shooting Survivor’s from the Patient’s Perspective

2nd                   National Rifle Association (NRA), The Well Armed Woman National Conference, Appomattox, VA

1st                    National Press Club Book Fair

October, 2019

10th                  Defense Intelligence Agency, Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution

                        Workplace Violence the Need to See the Whole Person in Resolving Conflict            

6th                    7th Day Adventist Pastors Annual Conference

                        Faith In Adversity and Pastors Influence in Changing the Culture

2nd                   DoD Insider Threat Management and Analysis Center (DITMAC)

                        Navy Yard Shooting Event From A Survivor’s Perspective, Security Prior and

                        After the Shooting – Did Anything Change?

September, 2019

27th                  Fairfax County Police Graduation

                        Courage Of Wearing a Uniform In Today’s Culture

5th                    700 Club Television Interview with Terry Meesuwsen

                        Interview regarding: Standing Still In A Culture of Mass Shootings

August, 2019

28th                  US. Department of Energy

Interagency Alternative Dispute Resolution Working Group

                        Workplace Conflict

                        Treating Workforce Employees as a Whole Person Instead of a Function

23rd                  US Army Office of the Chief, Army Reserve HQ, Fort Belvoir

                        Navy Yard Shooting and Insider Threat

20th                  Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Federal Women’s Program, Leadership 360

Organizations are Living Systems – the effect of workplace violence on an organization – Shooting Story

June, 2019

28th                  Regent University Quarterly Alumni Newsletter, IMPACT Interview

                        The Navy Yard Shooting Story of Faith and Resiliency in that Faith


26th                  US Army, HQ – G34 Mission Assurance and Protection Division

One-on-One meeting with the Clinical Psychology, LGPC, Certified Traumatologist, CHEP –

Support in Writing US Army Workplace Violence Policy

18th                  Department of Homeland Security, HQ Office of the Chief Readiness Support


                        Seeing the whole person in your co-worker, how the shooting highlights the

Need to Care about your co-worker

May, 2019

10th                  Regent University, Leadership Roundtable

                        Servant Leader in a Culture of Mass Shootings

April, 2019

25th                  Alternative Dispute Resolution Monthly Council Meeting

                        Conflict and Workplace Violence, Seeing the Whole Person in the resolution

March, 2019

19th                  US Park Police Leadership Summit

                        Law Enforcement and the Navy Yard Shooting

February, 2019

9th                    Men’s Ministry, Christian Fellowship Church (Bryan Moser)

                        Silence of Christians

6th                    Radio Interview –

                        Navy Yard Shooting Experience/Questions

1st                    Andy Wilson

                        My Experience Standing With a Shooter

January, 2019

21st                  VCDL Gun Rally, Richmond, VA

                        Who was the Washington Navy Yard Shooter

9th                    Capital Entrepreneur Women’s Meeting, Reston, VA                      

Strength of Resiliency in Our Relationships with others in our Organization

September, 2018

27th                  Maryland Air National Guard Annual Conference, Ocean city, MD

                        Resiliency in the Story of the Navy Yard Shooting

13th                  Smithsonian Institution Security Conference, Insider Threat

                        Workplace Violence Prevention (with Susan Reider, Labor and

Employee Relations, Office of Human Resources, Smithsonian Institution)

August, 2018

15th                  Gunpowder Magazine Interview

                        Washington Navy Yard Shooting Survivor: Politicians Are ‘Using Emotions to

Drive the Conversation Away from the Real Issue’

3rd                    Women’s Bibe Study, Nancy Wilson

                        Faith The Foundation of Adversity, The Navy Yard Story

July, 2018

24th                  Naval Surface Warfare Center, Panama City, FL

                        2 Sessions – The Story of the Navy Yard Shooting, Resiliency/Faith and

                        Seeing your Workforce as Whole People

June, 2018

26th                  Corporate Talk, Seattle Washington

                        Insider Threat/Active Shooter Training, Navy Yard Story as the Foundation

May, 2018

3rd                    Legatos, Greenbay, Wisconsin

A Believer, A Shooter and God in a Stairwell, A Survivor not a Victim

Faith at Work the Evidence of Resiliency

April, 2018

7th                    PennWriters Workshop, Leesburg

                        Navy Yard Survivor Story

4th                    VCDL, 2nd Amendment Rally, Richmond, VA

                        Shootings are not about the gun, it’s about mental illness

February, 2018

7th                    Radio Interview, Ed Melick

                        Story of Surviving Navy Yard Shooting/Resiliency/Faith


November, 2017

8th                    Leesburg?

April, 2017

3-6                   SHOWTIME, American Under Fire, Active Shooter Interview/Recording

January, 2017

28th                  Servant’s Christ Church, Laplata, MD

                        Leadership Through Broken Obedience

July, 2016

10th                  Saint Mark Union American Methodist Episcopal Church,Valley Lee, MD

A Willing Vessel Raised From The Dead (Acts 9:36-42)

February, 2016

16th                  Chesapeake Christian Fellowship Church, Chesapeake, MD

                        The Cut And Paste God Of Today’s Culture

December, 2015

13th                  Capital Memorial Church of Seventh Day Adventists

THE EPITAPH OF CHRIST, “The Scandal of Grace” (Hillsong United)

May, 2015

7th                    National Day of Prayer, Naval Sea Systems Command

                        Grace Through Prayer

7th                    9th Annual Military & Civilian Chaplain Interagency Conference,

Fort Meyer, Arlington, VA

                        Awake, Awake, Awake From Your Sleep

January, 2015

31st                 Emmanuel Brinklow Seventh Day Adventist Church, Ashton, MD

                        Fractured Faith

November, 2014

1st                    Washington Metro Area Women’s Ministries 12th Biennial Retreat

Seventh Day Adventist, Cambridge, MD

                        Miracles of God’s Possibilities